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Ride To Health Week Logo Design for Relatient – Uber

I had the privilege of designing a logo for Ride To Health week. The goal was to come up with a simple, way to express the idea of ride-sharing with a healthcare feel… in a timely manner.

A partnership like Uber and RELATIENT gives patients and opportunity to get to an appointment if they don’t have a ride or their ride falls through.

During the week of August 22-26, 2016 RELATIENT patients have a chance to get a safe, reliable Uber ride, for less! Patients who are notified by RELATIENT Appointment Reminders from their healthcare provider will have the opportunity to find a ride though Uber if, needed.

See what the Tennessean picked up the story on Monday July 12, 2016 where Sam Johnson is quoted as saying:

“We’re talking about individual lives here. If they can’t get to the doctor and they don’t know how to solve that, it could impact them negatively.” (Read the tennessean.com story here.)

Mr. Johnson posted another informative article on Linkedin where he says:

“This week, we announced a nationwide partnership with Uber, the social transportation giant that leverages not only modern technology, but also abundant vehicle and driver availability to provide a new kind of transportation option that is “as available as running water.” (Read more on LinkedIn.)


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