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Mr. Bill’s Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Kitchen Branding

Logo Recreation and Update

The owners of Mr. Bill’s Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Kitchen, a startup “food truck” business, came to me to with a request to update and recycle a logo from one of their existing companies to use on another. 

I took an original design of the logo that has been in used in their family business for years. They currently use the blue logo mark for Mr. Bill’s Construction & Remodel. With their direction, I was able to modify and clean up the old logo a bit. Once I balanced it out and changed the color to red, I finally, added a trademark (TM) and the “Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Kitchen” modifier as a tagline and we were cooking with gas… er… wood! 

Now we were ready to design some other pieces for Mr. Bill’s Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Kitchen!

Wood-Fired Pizza
Wood-Fired Pizza!

Banner and Table Cover Design

Mr Bill's Wood-Fired Pizza Kitchen Banner
Banner Design - We also produced and delivered two 13oz. outdoor banners with grommets for promoting on event days.
Mr. Bill's Table cover - 8 foot
Table cover design - flat view - Made both 8 & 6 foot Table cover for Mr. Bill's Wood-Fired Pizza Kitchen

Mr. Bill's Wood-Fired Pizza Kitchen Trailer Lettering

Installation is NOT something I normally get involved in, but I was able the help my client friends get their trailer lettered in the shelter of one of my outbuildings, a barn here in Morrow County that has housed multiple businesses in the past, including a farm implement dealership, a monument dealer, and an HVAC company.

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