New fantasy book cover design – The Children of Calm by j. michael smith

Children Of Calm Book

Look for j. michael smith’s new book, Children of Calm, on sale today, March 1, 2016 on Amazon for Kindle. We had the privilege of collaborating to make his creative vision a reality. Check out the book and recommend it to any friends you know who enjoy the Fantasy genre.

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Final cover design:

Children Of Calm book by j michael smith on Amazon Kindle

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This unique design has symbolic references to the book. Also, interesting that the book has no title on the cover, adding to the mystery of what might be inside.

Here is a look at the original concept by j. michael smith:

Children Of Calm sketch by j. michael smith

(illustration by j. michael smith)

A fun look at the design phases by video:

What the hardcover might look like someday:

What Children Of Calm will look like as a hardcover

We’re dreaming here. See what Children Of Calm may look like someday as a hardcover (above). Children of Calm is only available on Kindle as of the date of this post. Don’t have a Kindle? Get the App (for smartphones and tablets)!

Read a sample of The Children Of Calm below:

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